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Hard Cardboard Gift Boxes

Our hard cardboard gift boxes are a perfect way to show your brand name and products power with a cold, winter season gift. These boxes are a great addition to your ecommerce store and will make your customers feel special that they could buy one, and all their things at the same time.

Cardboard Christmas Gift Boxes

This is an excellent way to favourite some friends and family members, or to make a secret santa gift for someone else. You can also make a gift for a friend that they will be able to use while they are favourite, or as a separate piece on their own holiday. how to make a cardboard christmas gift box 1. Cut a small hole in the bottom of each box, and add your gift. Add a few glued-on or affixed to the bottom of these boxes, for a extra protection. Add or make any other wrapping materials you might need for the box. Place the boxes on your house, and let them sit there overnight. Shaking out the materials the next day, you’ll have a set of two or four small box, with a single gift inside. Outdoors, you can put a few leaves or twigs on the floor to add a touch of beauty, or put a christmas tree in the middle. Anyone who gets a chance to use one of these will definitely want to try it.

Cardboard Christmas Gift Box

Our gift box is perfect for the festive season! With its sturdy build and magnetic closure, this gift box is sure to. Provide a tagline for your. House or party! our gift boxes are made with 5th quality hard kraft paper which has a strong flavor not to be harmful to the environment. Our gift boxes are then pack in a pack of our best quality boxes. Our boxes are perfect for 25-30 items. Our gift boxes are made to be a part of your gift experience and make sure you are giving your gift in a way that is meaningful and special. this kate spade gift box set of 2 is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home or office. The sleek, polka-dot designs will make your friends and family feel like you're some old-school spade experts. There's also a space for your own inscription and a special bag for each gift. This set comes with 2 gift boxes, 2 cards, and 2 lives. this black cube hard cardboard gift box is perfect for your winter gift giving! It is easy to create and is perfect for making 10-pack gift sets or hamams. This box comes with 24pcs of black cube hard cardboard small gift boxes forring earring jewelry, necklace, and more. So don't wait, get your hard cardboard gift boxes today!