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Pokemon Starter Gift Box

Are you looking for a gift for a asd or special needs child? then you need the perfect gift box! This box is made with water resistant paper and features a brand new, 1999 factory sealed pokemon starter gift box trading card game jungle theme game deck. It is perfect for any special needs child who loves to play video games. This gift box is also perfect for those who want to give their special needs child something unique and memorable to remember that day in history.

Pokemon Starter Gift Box 1999

The 1999 box was the first time that a pokemon was issued a starter gift box. The box was created to store all the pokeballs that the pokeballs of the starter characters would eventually be released. The box was designed by web developer level-5 and it was issued to mime jr. In his starter character. the box had a lot ofoptional features included in it. Such as a map of the world, a calendar, a time table, and more. The box also had a special emblem on the front that showed the date and time the box was made. The box was also very well-made. It was made out of durable materials and the front had a nice design. the 1999 box was a huge success and it was issue to a lot of different starters. Some of the more famous ones include chris redaway, salinger, and, of course, mime jr. it is now widely accepted that the 1999 box was the first time that a pokemon was given a starter gift box. The box has been issue to other starters over the years and it is sure to be a fan favorite. Be sure to check out the box features at the gift-box. Org gizmo_undiscovered. Com for more features!

Pokemon Gift Box

Our gift box features a selection of your favorite pokemon cards andincluded are:1 -Wrap, 1 -Flowers, 1 -Card, 1 -Title, 1 -Sleeving, 1 -Arceus, 1 -Poké ball, 1 -Lexus, 1 -Game bag. This 1999 pokemon starter gift box is a great addition to any home owner's library. This box comes with a jungle booster theme, a book and a key chain. This box is perfect for the pokemon lover in your life. This gift box is a sealed 1999 pokemon starter gift box from wizards of the coast. It is perfect for your new pokemon card trader! Each layer of the box contains various pieces of information about the card trading game and what is included. The bottom layer contains a small, stamp-free image of a german alpaca animal called "poko the aberti" and the text "sealed 1999. " above it is the word "foldered. " below the folded layer is a small, stamp-free image of a ditto, "poko the ditto" and the text "sealed. " the bottom layer is all there is to it. It is a small, stamp-free image of a ditto, " the box measures just over 6 inches wide and 5 inches deep. It is made of plastic and has a small, " it is definitely a gift that will be enjoyed by the new pokemon card trader! this is a brand new pokemon 1999 starter gift box set - 2 decks -! Made of durable plastic it is perfect for your new pokemon!