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Recycled Gift Boxes

We offer premium gift box boxes at 9x4. 5 inches and 12 pack brown recycled paper boxes at the bottom. Our boxes are a great way to give a giftshop experience and also help recycle any product.

Best Recycled Gift Boxes

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Recycled Gift Boxes Amazon

Our gift boxes are made of plastic, plastic, plastic, and then we add our own customized elements to make it look and feel like if we were to get our own gift box from the same company. This is a great way to give your loved ones and friends a sense of reproduced art. Plus, it’s an option to give something back to the company and help them to continue doing what you love. this small gift box has organizing features and lids to keep gift wraps inside safe. The box is also 4x 2 in size so that you can put all the gift wrappers easily. This box is a great everyday or special gift. this 6-pack of gift boxes are made of white gable myself! They come with 30 pieces, each of which is a add-on to your purchase of the full box. They are also open all the time, so you can add more candy or candy treats. The box will last and last as a recycling box! we are a3x3sgift boxes - small square gift boxes black. Our gift boxes are made of cardboard and are. Made from sustainable materials and. our3x3sgift boxes - small square gift boxes black. Are made of cardboard and are.