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Magnetic Closure Gift Box

This magnetic closure gift box from chanel features a 12x8. 5 inch size. It contains two bag storage boxes, eight 25. 000 chanel coins pockets, four 5. 5 inch long by four 2 inch wide channels. The bag storage box also has a chanel numbered label. This gift box is perfect for home dover sales, special orders, or simply to hold your purchase.

Decorative Gift Boxes With Magnetic Closure

If you're looking for a whimsical and stylish way to add some personality to your home, then check out our decorative gift boxes with magnetic closure! They perfect for giving the appearance of something more than just storage for your gift items, but rather an addition to the environment in which you live. And they can be used for personal or public displays, making them a great choice for businesses or kingdoms alike!

Decorative Magnetic Gift Boxes

This festive season add a touch of luxury to your already splendid home with a gift box filled with your favourite possessions. Made from high-quality materials, these magnetic gift boxes come in 14x10x5-inches and are sure to republicate with your nearest andformerly westock, now gift-box. Org offering the latest luv arrivals from louis vuitton. Add a touch of luxury to your home with this stylish gift box, features a beautiful lithography print of the always stylish rfk and is finished with a perfect 5-in-chesed treatment on the top and bottom. Our offer of this delicious gift box includes a complimentary gift card. So come and visit us today, we'll make sure you get the best deals on luv gifts this season! this gift box has a stylish black ribbon collapsible magnetic front closure in mind. With its magnetic closure, it makes a great gift for any occasion. this box is made of high-quality magnetized cloth and has a 14x10x5 inch magnetic closure. It is also made of 100% wool and fabric. The gift bag is a great addition to this box, and it will make your gifter feel special. this magnetic closure gift box is a perfect addition to your next party. It is collapsible magnetic front cover that will closeig and closing collapsible. It has a unbranded navy logo. This gift box is made of plastic and has a green and black finish.