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Thunderstorm Gift Box

This gift box is the perfect way for you to show your friends and family that you love them! The constructed deck, the cards, and the dice are all included. This box is perfect for the ash kremac or any otherpokémon lover!

Gift Box Factory

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Pokemon Thunderstorm Gift Box

This gift box is a great way for you to freshen up your collection of pokemon thunderstorm. This box has everything you need to get started in the game, including a sealed deck coins set and a gift box with pikachu and thunder on it. This is the perfect way to bring out the excitement and fun of the game with some new players and returning players alike. this box is complete with all the cards from the game, all the expansion cards, and all the temp cards! We have taken care of all the states of this game so your heart's desire is now right at my fingertips! this box is complete with the factory sealed deck from the thunderstorm paper game. This is a great gift for any pokmon lover! this box is open on the bottom with a mint theme deck and cards. The box has several different pokemon in differentjoice poses. The box is vg in condition with a few coins and cards.